Feedback is at the heart of everything we do here at In-Life Solutions. We pride ourselves on creating tangible differences to every person we interact with. Why not explore some of the amazing things people have said about us below.

 Merina is an absolute delight in all senses of the word, her work ethic, values and business acumen together make her an asset. Not only does she innovate, she is meticulous in her processes and way of doing things. Merina helped us grow Vida from the start and was a key member of the senior management team. Everyone that reported to Merina couldn’t praise her enough for her management style and lovely human approach to management. Merina understands health and social care like a pro and has the passion and heart to make a true change in the industry.


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Merina and I worked together in 2018, I found her a hardworking and efficient member of the team. She is very supportive and highly motivated. She was managing our office in Brighton, taking care of care team and business development. As a Care Manager, she helped me to develop our partnership and find new clients, as well as tested out technology developed in-house. As a work colleague, she was always willing to help and offer support. I loved her easy-going attitude and the ability to make us all feel part of the family

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 I worked with Merina in 2018, where she led our team to always make business development and promoting growth of our business a priority with an emphasis on client satisfaction. From personal experience someone that was a natural leader when delivering this message. Merina is always someone I will look to if I needed advice on business development as a Deputy Manager


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Amazing manger, amazing leader, amazing business developer, amazing personality, amazing ... and the list could go on and on. J I worked with Merina for 18 months and she showed me what a true manager looks like. She gave me a chance to start as an operations intern and helped me grow into an operation manager. I wouldn't be here without her help and guidance. We built an amazing dream team together and linked wonderful relationships with our clients. Always professional with a pinch of a good time.

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