The Journey - Business Analysis

The Journey - Business Analysis

So, what does this mean for you as a provider?

The analysis process involves defining and evaluating risk and mitigating pain areas. Often, our findings show that planning has been haphazard and disorganised. So, way before you launch, you will need to have a methodical business plan which is realistic and achievable. It is essential that your business is NOT built on a rocky road with crevices which you will fall into and potentially not climb back out of. Conversely a good plan will take you on a smooth road with the occasional crack which could, at times, lead you stumble but eventually you will get back on your feet.

With this in mind, there are fundamentals which often have ‘I’ll do that later’ stamped all over them, for example: too little research into your potential business area, lack of understanding and adherence to regulation and legislation, registration with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and rules surrounding registration being flouted, to name but a few. Additionally there are general start-up tasks to get through namely, getting professional business and accounting advice, branding, marketing, recruitment, staff and client on-boarding and retention. Then there’s adding the right technology into the balance, remember technology is crucial to the efficiency and growth of your business.

Care Quality Commission, embrace don’t ignore!

With regards to CQC, it is mandatory, whether you are providing one or more regulated activities that you register for each one. Now, it’s a huge mistake to think that you do not have to register with CQC and be warned, ignorance is not an excuse. Lack of adherence to regulation and registration could potentially close your business with little or no notice. At In-Life Solutions we are extremely experienced in engaging with CQC, including applications for registration for providers and registered care managers, resolving client issues and turning around businesses which have been awarded negative ratings. Undoubtedly, there are amazing services providing excellent care, client and employee experience and these providers will be rated ‘good and outstanding’. Unfortunately, we do see a lot of unacceptable practice, antiquated and time consuming process and poor service delivery leading to client and employee dissatisfaction. It is clear that there’s a right road and a wrong road for health and social care business delivery. Which journey are you on?

“Don’t equate activity with efficiency.” ― Harvey Mackay

Merina Martin